The ASEAN-BIS Day 1 (16 November 2011) – Security Matters

We have good news: Bali seems to be well-prepared! The security of some of the key areas that the GoLive Indonesia Representative (hereinafter, GIR) observed was sufficiently checked. Some traffic congestion did happen, but people could not complain, could they? Security normally comes before convenience. The attendances of some world leaders in Bali obviously require a thorough check of everything or everyone that comes in to the province and also moves within the province. Enjoy some of the picture that the GIR took!


The GoLive Indonesia Representative (hereinafter, GIR) was heading to Bali in the morning by a direct flight from Adelaide to Denpasar. It was a nice day and the flight was on time until 10 minutes before the landing when the pilot announced ‘a delay’. Of course, we cannot blame Obama for the delay but that was pretty much what passengers were talking about. But who else would require a warship to ensure security?

GIR’s observations suggested that the airport security, at least for passengers who arrived from Adelaide (Australia) was normal. Nothing was unusual, the checked-in luggage and carry bags were not required to pass through the X-Ray check. We could only notice that there was an international event happening from the number and the size of banners that can be easily spotted on the way from the airport to the Nusa Dua region. There didn’t seem to be any 500 meter- distance which was left without a giant banner standing in between. Indonesia is serious about welcoming its guests.

The main program of the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (ASEAN-BIS) on this day was networking golf and social functions – which GIR missed (on purpose). However, on the night the GIR made an initial observation of the Nusa Dua area in which the ASEAN-BIS is held by visiting Bali Collection, a leading shopping centre in the area. The Bali officials have been very thoughtful. Only taxi drivers who hold a special ID card are allowed to enter the area. Taxis and other vehicles entering the area are also required to pass through a gate which seemed to also monitor any ‘unusual objects’ in the vehicle (similar to the one people pass through at the airport but of course with a much bigger size).

What impressive was once we got into the Bali Collection shopping centre area, the public can still enjoy the atmosphere. Nothing was unusual but some men with ‘army-look’ short hair cut but wearing casuals were also there to secure the area.

While one might see this post as a ‘security information leakage’, note that what has been written here is all common knowledge for the locals and passers-by.

All in all, the summary is so far Indonesia has been doing an excellent job!

This article is prepared by Risti Permani.


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