The ASEAN-BIS Day 2 (17 November 2011): A Morning Report

Well, let us just say there was a ‘technical problem happened this morning. The GoLive Indonesia Representative’s (hereinafter, GIR) documents including her scanned passport cover page, complete bio and picture that were sent to ‘an Indonesian government ministry’ who is responsible for the badges earlier have not been processed.

The short story was she missed the opening speeches including of Minister of Tourism and a Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu.

It was really unfortunate that the committee let this happen. Yes, security is their number one priority but outreach, flexibility to deal with unexpected circumstances and, most importantly, responsiveness to such a problem should be of their concerns too. The GIR was not the only one who experienced this problem. Rumours said there were also many journalists who couldn’t get their ID cards yet. Hence, whilst the committee has so far been successful in the exclusion part, that is keeping those people who have no business with the summit out, they have problems with the inclusion part, that is letting those who have legitimate reasons and have followed the agreed procedure in; the GIR included.
The lack of flexibility might have some consequences. At a bigger picture, this may indicate the committee’s lack of support for those who commit to support, be it media and small organisations such as GoLive Indonesia. It also sends signal the inefficiency in their organising committee which surely needs to be addressed. Giving up such an administrative task to the private sector could have been a better option such that the Indonesian government institutions can focus on more important matters that cannot be passing onto other parties for example negotiating with other ASEAN members. In addition, such an experience might cost the summit lost the opportunity of getting wider publicity and getting good reports from those who are interested in its agenda. Note that bad news is (sometimes) bad news.

Our apologies, but not a good report so far.


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