INDOFest 2014, stimulating people-to-people connections



On Sunday, 13 April 2014 the South Australia Indonesian community has once again successfully organised INDOFest, an annual family day event. Hundreds of South Australians attended the event making it one of the biggest cultural community events in Adelaide and the biggest Indonesian festival in Australia. In 2008, INDOFest was co-founded by the Australian Indonesian Association of South Australia (AIA-SA) with the Indonesian Honorary Consul in SA. INDOFest presented a wide range of activities, from workshops, information and retails stalls to cooking demonstrations and kids activities and food and drink stalls. Art performances including gamelan, angklung and traditional dances have always been a hit. It was a really great family event!

INDOFest demonstrates a great way to improve people-to-people connections by introducing Indonesian art and culture to wider communities. Also aiming at encouraging the study of Indonesian language and educational links with Indonesia, INDOFest provides a good opportunity for showcasing ‘the best of Indonesia’. Several government institutions such as Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ministry for Education and Culture, Province of North Sulawesi (Cultural and Tourism agency) took part in the 2014 INDOFest inviting SA communities to not only study but also visit and build connections with Indonesia through trade, commercial business, tourism and even sports.

In the midst of challenging time faced by Australia and Indonesia, events like INDOFest which could improve people-to-people connections would remind both countries that opportunities for working together existed, still exist and will always exist.


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