IPB and University of Adelaide ‘Sister Trip’: Knowledge of livestock production and friendships


Five Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) students recently became the guests of the University of Adelaide. This was part of the ‘sister trip’ program where University of Adelaide students have also made a similar trip to Bogor, Indonesia. This program is a result of longer-term relationships between University of Adelaide and IPB. The University of Adelaide students made it first visit to IPB in 2012 led by Associate Professor Wayne Pitchford.


In December 2014, Associate Professor Wayne Pitchford is planning to take 25 students of University of Adelaide, who are final year Agricultural Science, Animal Science or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students.  The funding will come from the government’s New Colombo Plan. Prof Pitchford has also opened this opportunity up to a small number of students from other Universities.  All students must have demonstrated a significant commitment to our livestock industries by being involved in extracurricular activities like the recent meat judging competition.


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*Photographs by Mandi Carr


Prof Pitchford viewed that the best aspects of this program are twofold. First is an understanding of livestock production systems in another country. Second is the building of relationships between students in Indonesia and Australia.  The sister trip has been tremendous at cementing those relationships as all students will meet each other twice (both in Australia and Indonesia).  Many of the students remain in contact by Facebook and Twitter.


This is an excellent example of how both countries continue to develop their people-to-people relationships, that during ‘difficult times’ remain strong.


To read more about their story, please visit: 

The Australian (9 July 2014), Taking Stock of Aussie methods

Stock Journal (17 July 2014): Indo students get a taste of Australia


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