Moving Further With the New Management of Golive Indonesia

Commencing on 20th of October 2014, GoLive Indonesia has a new management and organizational structure. Dr. Risti Permani who was the Project Coordinator of the last period has handed over the management to Aritta Gracia Lily Girsang, a PhD candidate of International Institute for International Trade – University of Adelaide.

Gracia will serve as GoLive Indonesia’s Project Coordinator for the next period.

Prof. Christopher Findlay, Dean of the Faculty of Professions at the University of Adelaide and Dr Risti Permani, Lecturer in Global Food Studies at the University of Adelaide will serve as members of the Advisory board.

Inadvertently, this event coincided with the inauguration of the new Indonesian President Mr. Joko Widodo back in Jakarta.

As the new hope arising for a better Indonesia, this new GoLive management & organizational structure is hoped to bring a breakthrough of GoLive Indonesia’s performance in achieving its goal:

work together for a better Indonesia.

The formal organizational structure, that recently been formed, has become a new start for GoLive Indonesia to improve the performance towards its goals. Here is the organizational structure along with the names of the administrators of GoLive Indonesia:

  1. Advisory Board                                : Prof. Christopher Findlay

         Dr. Risti Permani

  2. Project Coordinator                        : Aritta Gracia Lily Girsang
  3. Secretary                                        : Suprehatin
  4. Online Administrators                      : Farda Eka Kusumawardana
    • Website and Social Media      : Farda Eka Kusumawardana,

            Abdul Fikri

    • Editor                                     : Nuni Novitasari
    • Blog Content                          : Nur Aini Oktiningrum Adinda,

            Anindita Rumanti Dibyono, and

            Dickie Sulistya Aprilyanto

  5. Outreach Coordinator                     : Suprehatin, Rida Akzar
  6. Event Organizer                              : Reyza Ramadhan, Ade Wiguna

GoLive Indonesia plans to organize regular discussion series on various topics regarding Indonesian economy development. These activities will be held in collaboration with Indonesian Student Association of Australia (PPIA).

The upcoming discussion series will be held on 7th November 2014 with the theme of “The Heralds of Indonesia’s New Government: Economy and Foreign Policy Issues”, presenting the key speakers Dr. Nunung Nuryantoro (Bogor agricultural University – Indonesia) and Muhammad Taufan SH, LLM (PhD Candidate, Flinders University – Australia).

For further information about GoLive activities and events, please contact us through the e-mail:

Contact person: Suprehatin

Facebook account: GoLive Indonesia

Twitter account: @GoLiveIndonesia.


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