University of Adelaide Returning Home Party for International Student

Farewell Party ISC On 28th of May 2015, International Student Center (ISC) University of Adelaide held a Returning Home party for International Student finishing their studies in this semester 1/2015. The event was opened by an hour presentation, discussing all the things that international students need to prepare after the study completion, such as degree parchment, transcript, completion letters, and information about post study visa options. This information is important for the International students that have completed their study, so that they can prepare all of the required things before returning to their respective countries. The students were given a guidebook that contains the list of all the essential matters prior to the returning home. The list includes Academic affairs (such as further study at the University of Adelaide, Academic Transcript, and graduation), financial matters (such as bank accounts closing and superannuation payment claims), and also other matters (such as packing, shipping, and baggage agents). Aside of that, there is also a brief guidance on what to expect after the students going back to their home country. This guidance is really important because the student must be aware of the changes in themselves after few years living in foreign country. It is said that the preparation can help reduce the disorientation and “culture shock” the students might undergo when returning home. It is said that there appear to be four distinctive phases, namely:

  • The excitement of returning
  • Re-establishment and frustration
  • Gaining a sense of control
  • Re-adaptation

Coming home is a period of integration because the student must learn to integrate all of the knowledge and experience learned abroad into their life back home. Family, friends, country, and the student himself are some areas in which the student often having difficulty readjusting. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that the students become aware of it and be prepared to face the differences ahead of their return. Farewell ISC 2 Last but not least, after the presentation session, the event ended with a  farewell party at Hub Central Mezzanine Floor (Level 5). In this event, all of the international students who are finishing their studies gathered together enjoying the foods and music prepared by the ISC-University of Adelaide team. The cozy and friendly atmosphere gave the students a chance to say goodbye to their peers and take photographs as a remembrance.

This article was prepared by Anindita Rumanti Dibyono and edited by Nuni Novitasari


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