GoLive Meet and Greet with Dr. Mari Pangestu – Adelaide, 8 July 2015

Last week, Indonesian former Minister of Trade and Minister of Tourism and Creative economy, Dr. Mari Pangestu, visited Adelaide to give a keynote presentation at the ICAS9 (International Convention of Asia Scholars). As an active member of Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia (PPIA) at University of South Australia, I am very delighted to have been invited to attend GoLive Indonesia Meet and Greet session with Dr. Mari Pangestu.

With the support from the Faculty of the Professions, University of Adelaide, the event provided opportunity for Indonesian student representation in Adelaide to closely discuss and learn from Dr. Mari’s experience and expertise in handling issues related to education, trade and tourism.

GoLive Indonesia Meet and Greet with Dr. Mari Pangestu, Adelaide, 8 July 2015

GoLive Indonesia Meet and Greet with Dr. Mari Pangestu, Adelaide, 8 July 2015

Having been born in West Kalimantan, I felt very fortunate to be able to share my concerns about my hometown with Dr. Mari Pangestu. I have always wanted to contribute and develop my hometown. I always wanted to motivate future generations, especially in my hometown, to move towards a better Indonesia. During our conversation, Dr. Mari provided me with suggestions and creative ideas which motivate me to carry out a work plan to develop West Kalimantan even further. She emphasized that no matter how far we wander to gain knowledge and experience, we would one day need to come back and develop Indonesia. It’s not an issue of leaving Indonesia but how we would be able to do something for Indonesia with the knowledge we earn abroad.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Mari Pangestu for sharing her experience and knowledge through GoLive Meet and Greet session. I really do hope the event continues to be able to bring other government officials and prominent figure to Adelaide and to continuously motivate future generation of Indonesia.

Me and Dr. Mari Pangestu

Me and Dr. Mari Pangestu

This post is written by Margareta Yunita, currently studying Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing) at University of South Australia. Edited by GoLive Indonesia.


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