2nd Indonesia Research Day Panelist: Robertus Raga Djone

Profile 2ndIRD-03 BOBBY

Robertus Raga Djone has extensive experience (more than 10 years) in child protection and educational sector in Indonesia, especially in West Timor. He was a primary school teacher in 2003 before working with Save the Children Indonesia’s Outreach Project in 2004 – 2006 assisting refugee children and children living in remote areas in West Timor whose education were disrupted by political and geographical hindrances.

In 2006, Robertus worked with UNICEF Indonesia’s Creating Learning Communities for Children (CLCC) to promote good management, PAKEM and community participation in education sector in West Timor. Robertus coordinated Save the Children Indonesia’s project of “Building Sustainable Quality Change in Primary Education” in West Timor in 2009 aiming at assisting children marginalised by poverty or displacement to access to relevant, quality primary education in an appropriate environment.

In 2012, he worked with Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation aiming at providing technical assistance and capacity building support to local governments and civil society to better manage public resources, leading to improved service delivery and reduced poverty.

Robertus is currently finishing his Master degree study in The University of Adelaide with support from Australia Awards Scholarship. His research examined school policies and practices that support working children in realising learning outcomes, including attendance and academic achievements. Child worker has been seen a potential hindrance as working may disrupt a child’s access and motivation to school. Therefore, it is crucial for states and schools to develop policies and practices that can promote access, quality and relevant education for child worker.


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