2nd Indonesia Research Day Panelist: Muziatun

Profile 2ndIRD-05 MUZIATUN

Muziatun is a linguist and a lecturer in Gorontalo at the English Department of Universitas Negeri Gorontalo. She had also worked as interpreter for hospitals in Adelaide and Newcastle, Australia. She is fluent in English and international languages apart from Bahasa Indonesia.

Muziatun finished her master degree with a Master of Applied Linguistics Degree from the University of Newcastle; Australia in 2010. She is currently taking her PhD study at the University of South Australia in Higher Research Degree, Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences; School of Communication and International Studies and Languages. Her PhD dissertation is looking at the development of Bahasa Indonesia from the perspective of the current situation which deals with the impact of English through globalization by giving attention to how lexical borrowings from English have been entrenched into articles from various topics. The research is a linguistic analysis research and had been focused on Bahasa Indonesia print media for different groups of audiences by their gender, age and geographical location.

She describes herself as a quick learner, open-minded, outgoing, vigorous, active, creative, responsible, honest, enthusiastic, self-motivated and friendly individual. She is used to working under pressure and to communicating with many people. Throughout this Indonesia Research Day, she hopes to gain some recommendations for better improvement of her research.


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