2nd Indonesia Research Day Panelist: Marvin Lucky

Profile template 2ndIRD-07 Marvin Lucky

Marvin Lucky is from West Kalimantan, Indonesia. He is currently studying at The University of Adelaide taking master of Global Food and Agricultural Business. He has a scientific background as food technologist which he got from his bachelor study at Bogor Agricultural University in Bogor, Indonesia in 2007-2011. He is keen on working on Palm Oil sector which has been a part of his working experience as junior scientist for MAKSI (Indonesian Palm Oil Society) based at Bogor Agricultural University.

In this opportunity, he will be presenting the topic titled “Implementing Value Added Method to Palm Oil Products to Fulfil Vitamin A and Boost Competitive Advantage in Indonesia”. This topic is related to his preivous work at MAKSI. He will elaborate on how palm oil is not only used for cooking oil, but also used to reduce malnourished of vitamin A in Indonesia. He believes that this advantage can be implemented to encounter decreasing palm oil’s price.

Marvin is passionate about working for human kind, especially on reducing poverty and its linkage to food security, and helping people to access life satisfaction in regards to agriculture is one of his future goals.


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