Embracing 2016

Wishing everyone Happy New Year 2016!

We must say 2015 was a great  year for us and we believe that 2016 will be as thrilling if not more. GoLive Indonesia has lined up some exciting program for 2016, among others, the 3rd Indonesia Research Day, GoLive Day Out, Meet and Greet and our regular discussion series.

For the region, 2016 kicks off ASEAN Economic Community. ASEAN sees this as a community of opportunities which opens up market of 622 million people from 10 countries, a market worth of over US$2,5 trillion and the 7th largest economy in the world.

ASEAN Community represents ASEAN countries pursuit of becoming a region that collaborates and promote economic, cultural and social development to improve living standards. Detailed information on ASEAN Community Fact Sheets can be found here.

GoLive Indonesia hopes to continue debate and discussion about Indonesia and the region from a multi-dimension perspective. We encourage you to contribute to the debate by sending us your articles and opinion to be published on our website and participate in our discussion series throughout the year. Together we look forward to delivering constructive and insightful inputs for policy-making process.

 Maju bersama GoLive Indonesia!


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