Rida Akzar on AARES Conference 2016

Another GoLive Indonesia #SharingMarch story featured Rida Akzar experiences on attending the 60th AARES Conference earlier this year in Canberra. GoLive Indonesia is proud to have the support of such talented young minds.

Rida Akzar is currently studying his Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business in The University of Adelaide. At the moment, he is working on his research project focusing on the adoption of dairy farm innovations of Indonesian smallholder farmers under supervision by Dr Risti Permani and Dr Wahida.

Last month he attended the 60th Annual Conference Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES) 2-5 February 2016 in Canberra to present his research.  It was his first experience on presenting an international conference and was the only Master’s student to do so this time around. His preparation started early on in October 2014. The preparation evolved from developing an abstract, compiling a research proposal to securing research ethics for data collection and data analysis. During that time, he finds it really demanding and time consuming but was extremely grateful for the support given by his supervisory team.

He emphasises that by attending an international conference, he was provided with the opportunity and pathway to engage with the academic and research community especially in the agriculture field. Furthermore, the feedbacks and insights provided to him by renowned researchers on the field attending the conference is very useful in shaping the progress of this research project. He felt very fortunate

He adds that he also learnt many new things from what people are doing in the field, thus, enables him to update his knowledge. Another plus point is that he met with numerous senior researchers, professionals and other PhD students from other universities.  One interesting story is that he was able to have a short discussion with Professor David Pannell who is an author of one of the main article he cited in his thesis. He was curious to see if what he was doing is on the right track according to the Professor. From the discussion, the Professor recommends Rida to have a look at some related articles of him that may help to develop his research project.

In addition his presentation, Rida also attended a pre-conference event, early career researcher (ECR) workshop from January 29th to February 1st 2016. This three-day conference was organised by the AARES committee and attended by postgraduate students and young lecturers. The primary aim of this workshop was to provide an insight and advice to guide participants’ future career development across sectors: academia, government, and private. Speakers from various organisations attended this session and shared good insights to the participants about working in different sectors.

According to Rida, both events were extremely valuable for his networking and career development in the future. Thus, he encourages other master students to attend an international conference to be able to engage the research community. He also added that the conference is really important not only for people who are working in academia, but also people working in government and business sector.

Rida 1


On top of building and expanding network, the conference is also a media for researchers to disseminate and communicate their innovative ideas, update sectoral trends and policy recommendations for the development of agricultural sector.

Rida would like to thank to his supervisory team (Dr Risti Permani and Dr Wahida) for the great support given by the Global Food Studies, The University of Adelaide and the AARES committee for the travel grants provided for him.

Rida 2

Left: Professor David Pannell (Head of School of Agricultural and Resource Economics Director, Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy University of Western Australia) Right: Dr Malcolm Wegener (Honorary Senior Research Fellow University of Queensland, The AARES President in 2012)




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