GoLive Discussion Series Highlights – 28 May 2016

Another eventful GoLive Discussion Series was held on Saturday, 28 May 2016. We are deeply thankful to Mr. Ari Indarto Sutjiatmo – Deputy Director of the Directorate for Industrial Resources Access and International Promotion, Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia – for taking the time to visit Adelaide and share with us on Indonesia’s industry potential. The discussion series was moderated by GoLive Indonesia’s Rida Akzar .


Mr. Ari Indarto Sutjiatmo (left) and Rida Akzar (right)


Thank you for the enthusiasm everyone.

The discussion highlights potential in Indonesian industries, particularly electrical, automotive and food. Mr. Ari underlines great potential for improvement in food, electrical and transportation industry, particularly in providing maintenance and value added services. He adds that managing people would be key to achieving success anywhere. Furthermore, he posits that the biggest challenges for state-owned companies in Indonesia lies on maintaining and running an efficient system.

As someone who loves and enjoys Indonesian culinary and has worked on Indonesian food industry, Mr. Ari dreams of bringing Indonesian dishes to the global stage. During the Q&A sessions, several interesting questions were raised. Firstly, the attendees are mostly curious about the support provided by the Indonesian Government for small and medium enterprises. Secondly, the attendees are curious about Indonesian’s potential export to the world. And lastly, they are wondering on what kind of monitoring and evaluation mechanism is implemented by the Indonesian Government to maintain local standards.


Gracia Girsang (GoLive Project Coordinator – Right) handing GoLive official t-shirt to Mr. Ari Indarto Sutjiatmo (left).

In addition to the discussion, GoLive Indonesia also held a farewell for our very own GoLive co-founder, Dr. Risti Permani, who will embark on a new journey next month. Nasi tumpeng (Indonesian rice cornucopia) was served for lunch and testimonial video from previous GoLive Indonesia enthusiast was played. GoLive Indonesia is lucky to have been part of your journey here in Adelaide. Your guidance, leadership and enthusiasm surely motivates others to contribute towards Indonesia.

GoLive Indonesia will surely miss you here in Adelaide, but we believe that your passion towards working for Indonesia will carry on.


Gracia Girsang – Dr. Risti Permani  – Mr. Ari Indarto Sutjiatmo


Farda Eka (GoLive enthusiast) giving testimonial for Dr. Risti Permani – on video.

Bon voyage Dr. Risti Permani! Looking forward to many more excellent breakthrough and projects on Indonesia.


Dr. Risti Permani and Gracia Girsang


This article is written by Gracia Girsang. Thank you all GoLive enthusiasts for the input, feedback and photos.


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