PPIA University of Adelaide – Roundtable Discussion 16 June 2016

Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia-Australia (PPIA) The University of Adelaide has organised an event named Round Table Discussion (RTD) on June 16th 2016. This time round, the event themed “Road to PhD” invited four PhD candidates to share their experiences about their journey to secure scholarship. Interestingly, all of the speakers did their master degree together in Adelaide. This event was streamed live on Facebook so people who could not attend  can also take part in the discussion. The discussion was moderated by Dian Andina.


The event was opened by Soni who is currently president of PPIA University of Adelaide. He emphasised that this kind of discussion seems to simple, yet it is essential for those who want to pursue their PhD study later.

Suprehatin a PhD candidate at Global Food and Resources University of Adelaide was the first speaker. He highlighted several important points about preparing for PhD. Firstly, strengthening motivation to continue to PhD so that all the courses during master degree may be justified. For example, directing all assignments to research topic that we are interested in and trying to apply for presenting in international conferences. Then, it is imperative to also prepare yourself and surrounding especially your family. Consequently, start seeking scholarship. Then always evaluate and refine our scholarship application until success is achieved. Lastly, positive thinking and keeping faith is imperative.

Erna Rochmawati is a PhD candidate in School of Nursing in the University of Adelaide. She shared her experience on getting the Endeavour scholarship. She mentioned that relationship with potential supervisors have to be built since master degree. Key points to be successful in getting the Endeavour scholarship is our involvement in community services. She also mentioned that it is important to learn from people who have already succeeded in getting this scholarship.


Yahya Thamrin is a PhD candidate of Public Health in the University of Adelaide. He shared his experience on getting DIKTI Scholarship (Indonesian government scholarship). He nicely prepared his presentation by making a SWOT analysis of Dikti scholarship. He highlighted that nowadays there are many scholarship options available, therefore, there is no reason not to pursue PhD study.

The last speaker, Elizar, is a PhD candidate at School of Education in The University of Adelaide. She shared tips on how to get Adelaide Graduate Research Scholarship (AGRS), a scholarship for Adelaide University graduates. She said the AGRS scholarhsip provides Adelaide University alumni with a really good opportunity in pursuing doctoral degree. The main requirement to get this scholarship is acquiring an HD (high distinction) average.

indeed, it was a pleasure to share information and discuss issues about pursuing further studies. It is hoped that this type of activities continues with an even more exciting topics.

This article is written by Rida Akzar.



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