3rd Indonesia Research Day Panelist: Leah Wilson

Starting today, GoLive Indonesia will introduce the 2016 Indonesia Research Day Panelist lineup. Similar to previous years, these panelists have been through a competitive selection process based on their abstract submission highlighting on-going research about Indonesia.

Speakers Profiles_3rdIRD-02

Leah is currently in her final semester of a Double Bachelor of International Studies/ Arts, majoring in Development Studies, as well as concurrently completing a Diploma of Language- Indonesian at The University of Adelaide. During her degree,  Leah has spent over one year in Indonesia where she studied at both Universitas Gadjah Mada and Universitas Atma Jaya and interned at the United Nations Populations Fund and Yayasan Angsamerah.

Furthermore, she has studied Fashion, Clothing and Textiles at TAFE SA and have volunteered at Oxfam Australia where she managed and built awareness of a new ethical fashion project ‘Beneath the Seams’. Upon the completion of her degree She aspires to a career in social responsibility in the garment manufacturing industry and have particular interest in following this career to Indonesia.

Her presentation at the 3rd Indonesian Research Day will include some of her own experiences while living in Indonesia, but will mainly focus on a topic which she has found very interesting ‘The clothing industry and its impact on society and the environment in Indonesia’. She will discuss the conditions of employees in clothing manufacturing factories, as well as the detrimental effect the industry is having on the environment. Hopefully, She will be able to provide some insight into the fashion industry and you will re-consider next time you go to the mall.


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