3rd Indonesia Research Day Panelist: Ani Wilujeng Suryani

Speakers Profiles_3rdIRD-04

Ani Wilujeng Suryani is currently a PhD candidate in the School of Commerce, University of South Australia, investigating career intentions of Indonesian accounting students. After obtaining a Bachelor Degree in 2005 at the Brawijaya University, Indonesia, she was accepted as academic staff at the State University of Malang in 2006 and has been an accounting lecturer since. She continued her education at the University of Adelaide graduating in 2011 with a Masters of Accounting and Finance. Ani’s research interests are in personal finance, capital market research, and accounting education.

During her career, Ani has attended several international conferences and training. Ani’s research varies from quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method studies and recently she published a methodology book in the use of the NVivo software. Ani is interested in research collaborations on accounting, finance, economic, and education studies. She can be contacted at ani.suryani@um.ac.id.


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