3rd Indonesia Research Day Panelist: Muhammad Maulana

Speakers Profiles_3rdIRD-09MaulanaMuhammad Maulana is currently undertaking Master of Public Administration (policy) at Flinders University, South Australia through the support of the Australia Award Scholarship. The man who is usually called Maul, accomplished his junior high school in 2000 at Al-Karimiyah, Depok and the senior high school in 2003 at Tebuireng, Jombang. He successfully gained Bachelor of Law from As-Syafi’iyah Islamic University, Jakarta in 2008. Since 2007, he has been a researcher at Seknas FITRA (National Secretariat, Indonesia Forum for Budget Transparency), an Indonesia NGO that concerns on budget policy analysis and advocacy. Maulana who was the former president of PPIA SA 2015-2016 is also the member of community Rebana El-Musafir Adelaide.

Maul has completed research on the Performance of Local Budgeting in 2009, 2010, and 2011; Analysis of National Health Budget Policy in 2012; and Index of Information Disclosure in Indonesian Ministries in 2011. Moreover, he was involved as a book contributor titled “The Alternative of State Budget 2012” in 2013; and was also the author of The Dilemmas of Budget Advocacy via Mass Media in 2013. In the civil society network, Maul actively engages in Indonesian Freedom of Information Network, and in the Open Government Partnership International.

Maulana will elaborate on Health Budget Allocation During the Cabinet of Unity Indonesia II in this year’s IRD. His research attempts to examine the failure of The Cabinet of Unity Indonesia II in allocating 5% health budget in APBN during 2011 until 2015.


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