3rd Indonesia Research Day Panelist: El Musafeer (The Traveller) – Rebana Group

Speakers Profiles_3rdIRD-08

The group is established in 2013 by Kajian Islam Adelaide/Islamic Study of Adelaide (KIA) to promote Rebana (tambourine) as one of traditional music that associated closely with Indonesia Muslim community. Although Rebana is traditionally played to praise God, and the Prophet Muhammad SAW,the group has been combining its performance by playing it on Indonesian traditional songs too. The group consist of 10 to 15 players that are mostly Indonesian postgraduate students living in Adelaide.

The group have been performing in many places and popular events/festivals in Adelaide such as the Art Gallery of South Australia, Migration Museum, OzAsia Festival, Moon Lantern Festival, Night Noodle Market, Indofest, Flinders University’s 50 Years Celebration, and many more. Besides promoting Islamic culture, Rebana has been also widely used to strengthen people to people relationship and mutual understanding between Indonesia and Australia by joining school visits program and cooperation with many institutions in Australia.

Suryo Guritno, PhD Candidate from Flinders University, will be representing El Musafeer in the 3rd Indonesia Research Day Cultural Panel to share his  experiences as a former coordinator of the group.


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