4th Indonesia Research Day Panelist: Sian Troath

Speakers Profiles_4thIRD-6

Sian Troath is a PhD candidate with the School of History and International Relations at Flinders University. She completed a Bachelor of International Studies (Honours) at Flinders University in 2015, majoring in International Relations and history.

Her honours thesis, The Trust Dilemma: Australia-Indonesia Relations, examined theories of trust and cooperation building in international relations. It then used a theoretical framework based on these theories to analyse the bilateral relationship between Australia and Indonesia, in an attempt to better understand the sources of uncertainty in the relationship and how they may be overcome through building trust and fostering cooperation.

Her current research uses and expands upon the same theoretical perspectives on trust in international relations in order to analyse Indonesian foreign policy and Indonesia’s bilateral relationships with China and the United States in the context of the uncertainty surrounding the rise of China and the change of administration in the United States.

Sian’s research interests include trust in international relations, processes of confidence and cooperation building, Australian foreign policy, Indonesian foreign policy, and international migration. Outside the field of international relations, she is also interested in Australian domestic politics, modern European history, and the history of imperialism and colonialism.


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