4th Indonesia Research Day Panelist: Suryo Guritno

Speakers Profiles_4thIRD-8

Suryo is currently undertaking a Phd in Public Policy at Flinders University under the Australia Award Scholarships. He is graduated from the same university in 2008 under the World Bank Scholarships. His current research is governance on the borrowing initiative for infrastructure project at local government level in Indonesia.

Suryo has wide experiences in the fiscal decentralisation in Indonesia, in particular to local government financing system. His publications cover the areas of local water service management; local investment; and public service reforms.

Prior to his Phd, he served as Head of Local Government Borrowing for Java and Bali Area for the Directorate General of Fiscal Balance – Ministry of Finance, and responsible to assess borrowing proposals, and to formulate laws/regulations on borrowing. Suryo had been working in close cooperation to support development projects in Indonesia with various donor agencies such as the World Bank, ADB, GTZ, JBIC, AUSAID, and USAID.

His role in the workplace is not limited to the financing issues, but also covers bureaucratic reform by serving as Risk Manager, and Daily Monitoring System Manager. In academic, Suryo is appointed as a lecturer for local financial course for the LPEM (Institute for Economic and Social Research) – University of Indonesia. In Adelaide community, he was a President of Kajian Islam Adelaide (KIA) from 2013 to 2015.

Suryo’s research will investigate governance implementation during the development of infrastructure project loan proposal at South Sulawesi Province and Surakarta Municipality to reveal the objections faced by subnational government from members of the local legislature and civil society organisations.


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