4th Indonesia Research Day Panelist: Yusnita Febrianti

Speakers Profiles_4thIRD-9

Yusnita Febrianti is a teaching staff at the English Department of Universitas Negeri Malang, East Java. She finished her MA in Applied Linguistics in 2011. She is currently a PhD student in Linguistics at The University of Adelaide with the support of LPDP (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education).

Her main research interest is multimodality i.e. the use of more than one semiotic resources in one system of meaning. For examples the use of the combination of language and visual resources in various text sources such as different forms of advertisements and printed materials.

The specific research focus in her PhD study is multimodality in moving image data such as films. Her study is an attempt to understand how different semiotic systems such as language, image and sound co-deploy to create a unified meaning. The long term objective of the study is to optimise the use of various types of texts in pedagogy.


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