4th Indonesia Research Day Panelist: Didik Agus Suwarsono

Speakers Profiles_4thIRD-12

Didik Agus Suwarsono is currently a master student in Environmental Management at Flinders University. He received Bachelor Degree in Fishing Technology from Jakarta Fisheries University in 2009. Trainings and workshops in technical and managerial skills were successfully completed including SEAFDEC Regional Workshop on Offshore Fisheries in Southeast Asian Waters (Thailand, 2013); SEAFDEC Training Course and Workshop on Offshore and High Sea Fisheries Management in Indonesia (Indonesia, 2013); ASEAN-WEN and Freeland Foundation Workshop on Marine Special Investigation Group (MSIG) in Cebu, (Filipina, 2014); Training Workshop on Vessel Inspection and Enforcement Measures Against IUU Fishing Activities (Singapore, 2015)

He worked as seamen in Japanese Carrier Vessel from 2009 to 2010. In 2011, he joined the Ministry of Marine Affairs in Fisheries (MMAF) as surveillance planning officers in Directorate General of Marine and Fisheries Resources Surveillance. He has experiences on Evaluation of fishing vessel compliance in Indonesia and Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs), Arafura-Timor Sea Sub-Regional Working Group, Indonesia-Australia Fisheries Surveillance Forum (IAFSF) and Supporting Team of Analysis and Evaluation of Ex-Foreign Fishing Vessel in Indonesia.

His research interests were focused on fisheries policy study, socio-economic impact of fisheries policy, community based surveillance, fisheries compliances and IUU Fishing issues.

In this year’s IRD, Didik Agus Suwarsono collaborated with Kurniawan (Master of Aquaculture Flinders University) and Vitas Atmadi Prakoso (MMAF Researcher) will elaborate on global maritime fulcrum (GMF) vision based on aquaculture perspective. This study will reveal the challenges and alternative solutions of Indonesia aquaculture development in supporting GMF vision.


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