Introducing Indra Yohanes Kiling, GoLive Indonesia Project Coordinator.

GoLive Indonesia congratulates Indra Yohanes Kiling on his appointment as our new GoLive Indonesia Project Coordinator.


Left to right: Prof. Christopher Findlay, Gracia Girsang and Indra Yohanes Kiling.

Indra’s appointment is announced as part of the 4th Indonesia Research Day, 7 April 2017 at Ingkarni Wardli Conference Room, the University of Adelaide. Indra takes up the baton of Project Coordinator from Gracia Girsang. He is currently a PhD student at the School of Psychology, Faculty of Health and Medical Science, The University of Adelaide.

In this occasion, Prof. Christopher Findlay, GoLive Indonesia co-founder, formally announces the change in command and begins the procession by showing his appreciation and acknowledgement towards Gracia‘s effort, dedication and commitment the past three years. He then welcomes and expresses his enthusiasm and support for Indra, as the third generation of GoLive Indonesia Coordinator, and his team for the years to come.


Indra Yohanes Kiling – GoLive Indonesia Project Coordinator

In addition, Prof. Findlay believes that GoLive Indonesia and the Indonesia Research Day is an institution of the University of Adelaide and hopes this will continue to serve as a platform for dialogue and discussion on Indonesia. He emphasises the importance of perpetuating aspects of GoLive activities (the blog, physical events and social media use) moving forward, especially in utilising these strategies as a virtuous cycle for GoLive Indonesia endeavour.

Again congratulations Gracia and Indra! Thank you very much for the hard work and collaboration effort. We look forward to advancing GoLive Indonesia under the new leadership.

Photos courtesy of Vidi Valianto. 

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