GoLive Indonesia Discussion Series: “The Importance of New Learning Experience for International Students”


GoLive Indonesia together with School of Education – The University of Adelaide are back with the discussion series event for this upcoming July 2017. We are proudly bringing to the table the experience of Dr. Barry Elsey and Dr. Amina Omarova from the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC), University of Adelaide South Australia, in delivering a double degree master program, co-partnered with Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) Indonesia.

Still related to our past discussion series on May 2017, Dr. Elsey and Dr. Omarova will discuss on how international students ought to be challenged to learn in a new and different way.

The double degree master program require a cohort of Indonesian students, early-career employees of the Ministry of Industry to undertake a different kind of applied research experience, based on case study and interpretive methodology.

The analysis of these students’ learning experiences were conducted in four main ways. These will be briefly reported.

This July Discussion Series will be enriching the experience and knowledge of those who are international students, and those interested in higher education and applied research project.

Mark your calendar and RSVP via this link http://bit.ly/2sKYpDJ


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