Indonesia Research Update #3: How Environmentally Friendly are You? by Marpaleni


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) declared in 2007 that global warming and climate change are not just a series of events caused by nature, but rather caused by human behaviour.


Thus, to reduce the impact of human activities on climate change there is a need of information on how people are currently behaving towards the environment and what constraints they are facing to practice Environmentally Friendly Behavior (EFB) in their daily life.


Information in Indonesia on these remains largely missing, or not fully integrated within the existing data systems.


Marpaleni, a PhD candidate in Flinders University, propose a study aiming to fill the gap in this knowledge by introducing a measure to monitor the level of EFB of Indonesians, by taking her home province of South Sumatera as a case of study.


To achieve this objective, Marpaleni conducted a primary research on 490 households in South Sumatera Province on August – October 2016.


The data was then analysed with SPSS software by adopting a combination of Factor Analysis and the 2/3 methods.


The preliminary finding of her research shows that, currently, more households in South Sumatera have been behaving in an environmentally unfriendly way.


More information could be obtained by contacting Marpaleni directly by email:



Marpaleni is doing her PhD Degree in Population and Environment, Flinders University, with support of a scholarship from Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP).


She currently holds a position as statistician in Badan Pusat Statistik Indonesia – Palembang Area Office.

Indonesia Research Update is a joint initiative by GoLive Indonesia and LPDP South Australia that aims to promote and disseminate knowledge and information obtained through research completed by Indonesian students outside of Indonesia.

We sincerely thank Marpaleni and wish the best for her future endeavours in career and life.


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