Indonesia Research Update #6: Problem Based Learning by Shinta Sari


Mathematical problem-solving abilities are critical to be learned by students for uses in their daily life activities.


The abilities of Indonesian students in mathematical problem solving are still leaving room for improvement.


Problem Based Learning (PBL) is expected being an appropriate approach to overcome the issue.


Shinta Sari, a master degree student in School of Education, The University of Adelaide, conducted a research comparing PBL and the more conventional approach in relation to mathematical problem-solving abilities of junior high school students in Indonesia.


In her research, she used quasi-experiment research with pre-test and post-test as the design, and used tests of mathematical problem-solving abilities as the instrument.


The result of this study revealed that the increase in mathematical problem-solving abilities of the students who were taught with PBL approach is higher than the more conventional approach.


She suggested utilization of PBL approach to improve students’ mathematical problem-solving abilities.


More information could be accessed by contacting Shinta in



Shinta Sari is a postgraduate student in Master of Education Program, The University of Adelaide, with support of scholarship from LPDP (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education).


She has presented this study at the 2018 International Symposium on Education and Psychology in Kyoto, Japan.


Indonesia Research Update is an initiative by GoLive Indonesia that aims to promote and disseminate knowledge and information obtained through research completed by Indonesian students outside of Indonesia.

We sincerely thank Shinta and wish the best for her future endeavours in career and life.


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