Indonesia Research Update #7: Information and Communication Technologies by Ferdinand Wadu He and team


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is especially useful in developing tertiary students’ higher order thinking skills.


However, past literature highlighted two fundamental problems in relation to examining the utility and impact of ICT:


First, the difficulty in distinguishing which aspect of technology mediates learning due to the diverse forms of educational technology under the umbrella term ICT;


And second, the conventional conceptions of ICT as tools for drill-and-skill education rather than higher order thinking skill learning.


Ferdinand Wadu He, a master degree student in School of Education, The University of Adelaide, together with his fellow researchers in South Australia conducted a systematic review aiming to identify ICT utilised in tertiary education of its conceptual and methodological perspectives, and its impact on students’ higher order thinking skills.


The team, consisted of Hnin Nwe Nwe Tun, Cherry Htun, Che Yee Lye, Ala’ Fahed Aburumman, and Ferdinand himself searched databases such as ERIC, INSPEC, AEI and Google Scholar.


Total number of 114 studies meeting all three criteria concerning ICT, higher order thinking skills and tertiary educational level were included.


Analysis done by the team revealed that the majority of the studies emphasized on the utilisation of ICT for teaching and learning (77%), while the remaining focussed on assessment and evaluation (10%), facilities and resources (8%), curriculum and policy (1%), and others (4%).


The in-depth review of the 114 studies revealed that ICT tools such as Wiki, Web-based bulletin board and online discussion tools positively impacted on higher order thinking, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity skills.


This review from Ferdinand and his colleagues provides the implications of students need to be made aware of higher order thinking skills and the use of ICT, while teachers need to undergo professional development for use of ICT to promote students’ higher order thinking skills.


More information could be accessed by contacting Ferdinand in or Che Yee Lye in



Ferdinand Wadu He is a postgraduate student in Master of Education Program, The University of Adelaide, with support of scholarship from Australia Awards Scholarship.

Ferdinand is also an active GoLive Indonesia volunteer.


He and his team presented this study at Higher Education Research Group of Adelaide (HERGA) 2017 Conference in Adelaide.


Indonesia Research Update is an initiative by GoLive Indonesia that aims to promote and disseminate knowledge and information obtained through research completed by Indonesian students outside of Indonesia.

We sincerely thank Ferdinand and his colleagues and wish the best for his future endeavours in career and life.


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