Indonesia Research Update #14: The Safety of Tourists and Criminality in Mars by Devi Triasari


Man has always been interested in conquering space, and the idea of life outside earth has been explored for years. The planet that has attracted most interest in this regard has been Mars, and plans are ongoing to have the first manned mission to the planet.

The Mars One enterprise is spearheading this project and aims to take four astronauts to Mars in the year 2027. The four astronauts will be chosen from the large number of volunteers that has currently signed up to the project. This idea may seem absurd to some, but it definitely has not deterred the over 30,000 number of volunteers wishing to participate in the project.

Most studies analyzing this mission have focused on the technical challenges associated with the mission and aimed to provide ideas on how the group of people can cope with these challenges. Few have looked at the legal challenges associated with the mission and how this will affect the mission in terms of it being successfully undertaken with no legal hindrances.

Drawn to this issue, Devi Triasari, a graduate student in Master of Business Law program at The University of Adelaide, decided to investigate on this issue.

The difficult nature of the mission caused by the unnatural habitat coupled with the psychological makeup of human beings means that legal challenges will most definitely arise.

The high number of legal challenges associated with the Mars One mission means that it is highly likely that the mission could fail to take off since due to the safety and criminality issues that can be connected to the mission.

More information could be accessed by contacting Devi in


Devi Triasari is the best graduate of Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta at June 2015.

She is a current student in Master of Business Law program at The University of Adelaide.

Devi is also active as general secretary in PPIA The University of Adelaide.


Indonesia Research Update is an initiative by GoLive Indonesia that aims to promote and disseminate knowledge and information obtained through research completed by Indonesian students outside of Indonesia.

We sincerely thank Devi and wish the best for her future endeavours in career and life.


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