Dias-cussion highlights by PPIA South Australia and GoLive Indonesia

PPIA (Indonesian Student Association in Australia) South Australia supported by GoLive Indonesia in Dias-cussion, a discussion on economy development with Dias Satria on February 2018. The discussion series highlighted on innovation on economic development in Indonesia and was held in Rumours Café, The University of Adelaide. The interactive discussion went for 75 minutes and attended by around 20 participants.

The session began with warm greetings from President of PPIA South Australia, Aditya Ramdho, who mentioned Dias Satria’s vital contribution in improving the organization’s culture in PPIA South Australia and in founding the Rombengan Adelaide.


Greetings from Aditya Ramdho, President of PPIA South Australia

Harry Wardana as moderator introduced Dias Satria, who obtained his PhD degree in The University of Adelaide, with expertise in the field of agriculture economy. He is a lecturer at Faculty of Economics, Universitas Brawijaya.

Dias began his presentation with the challenge of economy development in Banyuwangi, a district in East Java infamous for their image of “santet” (witchcraft) town. As the consultant of Banyuwangi Regent, he has supported the government in improving the creative economy in the region.

Banyuwangi is now famous for its 77 festivals, as festivals are regarded as invaluable in boosting the region’s creative economy. Dias elaborated that through these festivals and aggressive tourism marketing, the livelihood of the community has improved and many investors have invested in Banyuwangi.


Dias Satria (left) presenting as observed by Harry Wardana

Dias then highlighted the four important factors in improving innovation in local areas: (1) Institution and leadership; (2) Hard connectivity; (3) Soft connectivity; (4) Policy.

He also further elaborated the key points from Banyuwangi Festival, they are: (1) Fostering the talent of local youth; (2) Promoting region through festival and events; (3) Continuous improvement; (4) Coordinated strategy, especially between government agencies; and (5) Attracting investment.

The session then concluded with handing of placard from PPIA South Australia by Aditya to Dias, and a photo session.



PPIA South Australia and GoLive Indonesia would like to thank Dias Satria as the speaker and Harry Wardana as moderator.

Further information on the presentation could be obtained by contacting Dias Satria in diassatria@gmail.com or visit http://www.diassatria.com 

Photos courtesy of Nurul Ikhsan and Indra Kiling


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