About GoLive Indonesia


The project, officially launched on 25 July 2011, was initially aimed at promoting discussion on economic integration issues.  It was prompted by the ASEAN meetings being held in Indonesia in 2011, and by the interest of the Indonesia’s former Trade Minister and Minister for Tourism and the Creative Economy Dr Mari Pangestu in a wider dialogue about integration.

Dr Pangestu explains why it is important to have active discussion about economic integration:

Working together towards a better Indonesia

But as we progressed and had more members from across disciplines we realised that economic integration and in a broader term economic development, although important, is not sufficient to achieve a better Indonesia. Putting our goal to work toghether for a better Indonesia in mind, we regularly run some activities to promote discussion on various topics collaborating with Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia Australia (PPIA or Australia-Indonesia Student Association) at the University of Adelaide. See past and upcoming events here and our special research workshops.

Please contact Indra Yohane Kiling (Ph.D candidate at the School of Psychology, University of Adelaide) if you are interested in presenting at our discussion series at golive.moderator@gmail.com

GoLive Indonesia 4th Anniversary Remarks by Dr. Mari Elka Pangestu: “The Journey so far : Past, Present and Future”

Your contribution

First, please subscribe to our blog, follow our twitter and ‘like’ our Facebook page. Easy!

We would welcome your article contribution. Please send an approximately 700-900 word article to golive.moderator@gmail.com. Topics should be related but not limited to various development aspects of the Indonesian economy:
– Investment, business, and financial markets
– International trade, bilateral, regional and multilateral agreements or organisations
– Unemployment, social security and income inequality
– Agriculture, energy and food security
– Technology and innovation
– Health, education, culture and human capital
– Politics, governance, religion and migration

Social media

Why dont you create your own blog and link it to our blog?

See the slidecast from the blogging workshop on April 20 to learn more about the project (prepared by Mike Seyfang):

We welcome your ideas and contribution to the progress of this project. Please email the blog moderator for further enquiry (golive.moderator@gmail.com).

The views expressed in this forum are those of the individual authors and do not represent the views of the institutions to which the authors are attached.

GoLive Indonesia Team

Advisory board:

2014 – current:

Professor Christopher Findlay (Executive Dean, Faculty of the Professions, University of Adelaide)

Dr Risti Permani (Lecturer, University of Adelaide)

Previous and current project coordinators:

2011-2013, Dr Risti Permani (University of Adelaide)

2013, Dr Dias Satria (University of Brawijaya)

2014 – 2017, Aritta Gracia Girsang (University of Adelaide)

2017 – current, Indra Yohanes Kiling (University of Adelaide)

Current project deputy coordinators:

2017 – current, Aryani Tri Wrastari (University of Adelaide)

2017 – current, M Nurul Ikhsan Saleh (University of Adelaide)

Email: golive.moderator@gmail.com

Last update: 21/4/2017


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