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ASEAN Economic Integration: Challenges and Strategies


Kiki Verico, Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia

Southeast Asia is among the important pillars in Asia’s economic integration whereby ASEAN is expected to gain solid economic integration from trade and investment. This would mean that ASEAN must have significant and positive relations in her intra regional trade and intra regional investments. Yet a previous study finds them to be significant nevertheless having negative relations (Verico, 2012). Given its long-run economic integration objective, ASEAN must turn this relation into one that is significant and positive. This will require an economic convergence by which an equivalent level of playing field within its member states.

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Natural Rubber Economic Cooperation in Southeast Asia: Can it be a ‘building block’ for ASEAN?

Tlogo Rubber Plantation - Salatiga (Java - Indonesia)

Kiki Verico, Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia

One of the key products in Southeast Asia’s agriculture sector is rubber. This product is important and strategic for Southeast Asia hence it has been included among the top eleven priority products of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015. It has been expected to be the engine of growth for Southeast Asia’s economy and the powerhouse to transform the ASEAN economic integration paths from free flows of goods to free flows of capital. The latter is identified from its ability to enhance trade and investment integration among the ASEAN members.

Can natural rubber economic cooperation in Southeast Asia be a building block for ASEAN?

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