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Special Interview: Dr Chatib Basri on Indonesia – Australia relations

Dr Chatib Basri, former Minister of Finance in the Second United Indonesia Cabinet, shares with GoLive Indonesia his views on Indonesia – Australia relations.



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The Centre for Global Food and Resources to host a new scholarship to research food trade between South Australia and Indonesia


South Australia is offering a research scholarship to an Indonesian student to undertake a higher degree at the University of Adelaide and our new Centre for Global Food and Resources (GFAR) will host the scholarship recipient.

The scholarship focuses on food production systems and value chains between South Australia and Indonesia. The successful student will be selected in a competitive process from Bogor Agricultural University, and will commence work with GFAR in 2017.

Trade and Investment Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith, who announced the scholarship earlier this week, says, ‘The scholarship builds on the strong relationship between our two leading research institutions and offers opportunities for growth in the food trade between South Australia and Indonesia.’ There is particular interest to work with the Indonesian government on prospective trade of tropical fruit and vegetables from Indonesia to South Australia.

We are also keen to build a value chain and to work with partners in Indonesia on two-way flow of investment between our economies to complement our trade relationship. This scholarship will support this work so we can better understand how the food value chains connect our two regions.Martin Hamilton-Smith, Trade and Investment Minister.

Professor Christopher Findlay, Executive Dean of the Faculty of the Professions at The University of Adelaide, very much welcomes the Minister’s support for this project and for the work of our new Centre for Global Food and Resources.

I look forward to working with government and business in South Australia to share our work on connecting food value chains in our region.Professor Christopher Findlay

Centre for Global Food and Resources (GFAR) is officially launched today

For more information about study at GFAR: please visit this homepage.

*This post was prepared by Dr Lenka Malek, a Postdoctoral Fellow at GFAR. It was originally posted at GFAR website.

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IPB and University of Adelaide ‘Sister Trip’: Knowledge of livestock production and friendships


Five Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) students recently became the guests of the University of Adelaide. This was part of the ‘sister trip’ program where University of Adelaide students have also made a similar trip to Bogor, Indonesia. This program is a result of longer-term relationships between University of Adelaide and IPB. The University of Adelaide students made it first visit to IPB in 2012 led by Associate Professor Wayne Pitchford.


In December 2014, Associate Professor Wayne Pitchford is planning to take 25 students of University of Adelaide, who are final year Agricultural Science, Animal Science or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students.  The funding will come from the government’s New Colombo Plan. Prof Pitchford has also opened this opportunity up to a small number of students from other Universities.  All students must have demonstrated a significant commitment to our livestock industries by being involved in extracurricular activities like the recent meat judging competition.


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*Photographs by Mandi Carr


Prof Pitchford viewed that the best aspects of this program are twofold. First is an understanding of livestock production systems in another country. Second is the building of relationships between students in Indonesia and Australia.  The sister trip has been tremendous at cementing those relationships as all students will meet each other twice (both in Australia and Indonesia).  Many of the students remain in contact by Facebook and Twitter.


This is an excellent example of how both countries continue to develop their people-to-people relationships, that during ‘difficult times’ remain strong.


To read more about their story, please visit: 

The Australian (9 July 2014), Taking Stock of Aussie methods

Stock Journal (17 July 2014): Indo students get a taste of Australia

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IRD2014, SA-based Indonesian researchers’ contribution to policy discussions

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GoLive Indonesia and Indonesian Student Association South Australia chapter (PPIA-SA) co-organised the 2014 Indonesian Research Day on Wednesday, 23 April 2014. The event was attended by more than 50 participants from three universities in South Australia, namely the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia and Flinders University.

Professor Christopher Findlay, Dean of Faculty of Professions at University of Adelaide, in his keynote speech on the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationships reinforced three principles needed to improve bilateral relationships between the two countries, namely economic integration, ‘no-surprise’ policy and consultations and respect.

The President of PPIA-SA, Mr Dias Satria, also a PhD candidate at University of Adelaide, expressed his confidence that with the support from various organisations in SA this event will be held annually.

For GoLive Indonesia, this is the third event that the project has co-organised following succesful PhD conference in Canberra  partnering with Indonesia Synergy in November 2013 and early career researcher conference at Bogor Agricultural University in March 2014 collaborating with InterCafe.

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Staying Alive at Work: Health Hazard Assessment of Foundry

Occupational Health Hazard - Steel Wool / Light Painting may be harmful :)

Occupational health traditionally focused on occupational disease prevention. Over time, however, it has shifted to promotion of work productivity. The health, safety and well-being of working people are seen as pre-requisites for improvements in quality and producitivity. On the other hand, occupational medicine is an established branch of medical specialty founded by Bernardino Ramazzini who published an influential book called “Diseases of Worker”. It provides a link and removes the gap between medical knowledge and occupational demands. Occupational medicine specialists work closely with other OHS practitioners as a team.

Dr Ikhwan Muhammad of University of Adelaide shared his experience of visiting Intercast and Forge Pty. Ltd. Dr Muhammad’s presentation is aimed at providing a picture about the role of OHS practitioners in controlling risk of hazards of works and, ultimately, providing a safe and healthy work environment.

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Transit Country’s Challenges on Migrant Smuggling: exploring gaps in Indonesia’s law enforcement response

UNHCR News Story: UNHCR calls for concrete steps to protect refugees through Bali Process

The distance from Christmas Island and Ashmore Reef to the nearest Indonesian coastline is less than 250 nm. About 5,000 people on board of leaky Indonesian boats – that navigated by Indonesian crews – arrived in Australia during the first four months this year.

And many more had arrived through similar way in the previous years. These are clear evidences that these boats and these people must have previously departed from Indonesia.

In Indonesia, almost all investigated migrant smuggling cases are related to the transporting of people leaving Indonesia illegally to Australia, the outbound migrant smuggling.

However, as a transit country, Indonesia is not only experiencing outbound migrant smuggling but also the inbound one, entering Indonesia’s northern-shore of its western region.

Evidences from the investigated outbound cases strongly indicate that:

most irregular immigrants were previously smuggled too, from Malaysia.

This indication of massive inbound smuggling operations is not responded very well by Indonesian law agencies. There is also no strong evidence that Indonesia has liaised with Malaysia adequately to deal with this issue.

It is pretty much in contrast with Indonesia’s response to the outbound migrant smuggling. There seems to be gaps in Indonesia’s law enforcement response. 

Akhmad Khumaidi’s research explores and identifies these gaps with an expectation that its findings can be used to balance and to improve Indonesia’s law enforcement response to this serious crime.


*Akhmad Khumaidi, a research scholar at Flinder Law School at Flinders University, is presenting his research findings at the GoLive Indonesia discussion series on 29 August 2013. For more information about our program please visit:


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Challenges and Opportunities for Indonesia and Australia Relationship in the Asian Century


On 17 May 2013, Counsellor in Politics and  Senior First Secretary of Economic Affairs of The Republic of Indonesia Embassy in Australia, Mr Widya Rahmanto and Mr Denny Lesmana shared some valuable  insights into  “Challenges and Opportunities for Indonesia and Australia (IA) Relationship in The Asian Century”. This discussion forum was organised by the Indonesian Embassy, South Australian Chapter of The Indonesian Student Association (PPIA), and fully supported by  PPIA at Flinders University, University of Adelaide and University of South Australia and  GoLive Indonesia.

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