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GoLive Indonesia September Discussion Series presents: Frizca Setyorini on Indonesian Tax Amnesty

GoLive Indonesia Discussion Series is back this September, we’re proud to welcome back Frizca Setyorini to Adelaide. The discussion series will answer all your burning question about Indonesia’s Tax Amnesty program.

Mark you calendar and RSVP via this link.



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GoLive Discussion Series Highlights – 15 June 2016

Talking about cancer can be daunting for most people. However, not the case with GoLive Indonesia discussion series. This month, GoLive Indonesia is grateful to  have Dr Chandra Kirana, Research Officer at Basil Hetzel Research Institute, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Adelaide, as our presenter. Dr Chandra got her degree as a Biologist from Gadjah Mada University and completed her PhD at the University of Adelaide and worked at CSIRO Human Nutrition in Adelaide and Wakefield Biomedical Research Institute in Wellington in New Zealand.


Dr Chandra Kirana from Bazil Hetzel Research Institute, Faculty of Medicine, University of Adelaide

The discussion on colorectal cancer (CRC) highlights on how this particular type of cancer is usually found in older generation and developed countries, while increasing trend is also found in developing countries. In the case of Indonesia, Dr Chandra elaborates that there is still very little research being done on CRC. Furthermore, she enunciates previous research which found that the risk of getting cancer due to genetic history is only at the 10% level. The way we treat our body, what we eat and what kind of lifestyle we choose pose a greater 30% cancer risk. Similarly, what we do to the environment (pollution, drinking water) and virus or bacterial infestation expose 30% each of cancer risk to humans.


Q&A session – GoLive Discussion Series

While talking about CRC prevention and detection, Dr Chandra explains how Australian Government set up a program that automatically ask permanent resident and citizen at the age of 50 to send their stool sample for a faecal occult blood test as CRC screening. When dealing with cancer, samples, data and early detection mechanism is imperative.

Our discussion then establish that high fibre diet is extremely important in staying healthy. When asked about Indonesian cuisine, Dr Chandra describes that Indonesian’s diet is rich of fibre, especially our green vegetables. In addition to that, she also emphasizes on the benefit of having turmeric as part of our diet. Research shows that turmeric contains good anti-cancer properties. Also soursop leaves is recommended for prostate cancer patients.


Dr Chandra Kirana and Gracia Girsang – handing GoLive official T-shirt

The ninety minutes discussion went by swiftly. It is intellectually stimulating to learn that when talking about cancer, the amount of research, resources and factors involved to find a cure is ample. Biologist like Dr Chandra represents a small side of the struggle to overcome CRC. Information about cancer alone is often found lacking, this is where Dr Chandra emphasize on the importance of a collaborative effort in research and hope that Indonesia will be able to keep up with the challenge.

GoLive Indonesia is deeply thankful to Dr Chandra Kirana for sharing her knowledge with us.

Photos courtesy of Reyza Ramadhan.

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GoLive Discussion Series on “Colorectal cancer: what do we know about it?” by Dr Chandra Kirana, 15 June 2016

GoLive Indonesia cordially invites you to our June discussion series.

We are very happy to welcome Dr. Chandra Kirana, Research Officer, Basil Hetzel for Translational Health Research, University of Adelaide. Dr. Kirana will be discussing on the topic of “Colocrectal cancer: What do we know about it?”

Please RSVP via eventbrite Here



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GoLive Discussion Series Highlights – 28 May 2016

Another eventful GoLive Discussion Series was held on Saturday, 28 May 2016. We are deeply thankful to Mr. Ari Indarto Sutjiatmo – Deputy Director of the Directorate for Industrial Resources Access and International Promotion, Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia – for taking the time to visit Adelaide and share with us on Indonesia’s industry potential. The discussion series was moderated by GoLive Indonesia’s Rida Akzar .


Mr. Ari Indarto Sutjiatmo (left) and Rida Akzar (right)


Thank you for the enthusiasm everyone.

The discussion highlights potential in Indonesian industries, particularly electrical, automotive and food. Mr. Ari underlines great potential for improvement in food, electrical and transportation industry, particularly in providing maintenance and value added services. He adds that managing people would be key to achieving success anywhere. Furthermore, he posits that the biggest challenges for state-owned companies in Indonesia lies on maintaining and running an efficient system.

As someone who loves and enjoys Indonesian culinary and has worked on Indonesian food industry, Mr. Ari dreams of bringing Indonesian dishes to the global stage. During the Q&A sessions, several interesting questions were raised. Firstly, the attendees are mostly curious about the support provided by the Indonesian Government for small and medium enterprises. Secondly, the attendees are curious about Indonesian’s potential export to the world. And lastly, they are wondering on what kind of monitoring and evaluation mechanism is implemented by the Indonesian Government to maintain local standards.


Gracia Girsang (GoLive Project Coordinator – Right) handing GoLive official t-shirt to Mr. Ari Indarto Sutjiatmo (left).

In addition to the discussion, GoLive Indonesia also held a farewell for our very own GoLive co-founder, Dr. Risti Permani, who will embark on a new journey next month. Nasi tumpeng (Indonesian rice cornucopia) was served for lunch and testimonial video from previous GoLive Indonesia enthusiast was played. GoLive Indonesia is lucky to have been part of your journey here in Adelaide. Your guidance, leadership and enthusiasm surely motivates others to contribute towards Indonesia.

GoLive Indonesia will surely miss you here in Adelaide, but we believe that your passion towards working for Indonesia will carry on.


Gracia Girsang – Dr. Risti Permani  – Mr. Ari Indarto Sutjiatmo


Farda Eka (GoLive enthusiast) giving testimonial for Dr. Risti Permani – on video.

Bon voyage Dr. Risti Permani! Looking forward to many more excellent breakthrough and projects on Indonesia.


Dr. Risti Permani and Gracia Girsang


This article is written by Gracia Girsang. Thank you all GoLive enthusiasts for the input, feedback and photos.

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GoLive Discussion Series “Highlighting Indonesia’s Potential in Food, Engineering and Manufacturing Industries” – 28 May 2016

GoLive Indonesia cordially invites you to our monthly discussion series.

We are very happy to welcome Mr Ari  Indarto Sutjiatmo, Deputy Director of the Directorate for Industrial Resources Access and International Promotion, Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia to Adelaide. In the discussion series, Mr Ari will elaborate on Indonesia’s potential in food, engineering and manufacturing industries.

Please RSVP via eventbrite here.



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