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Population and Climate Change in Indonesia

According to Associate Professor Adrian Hayes on the Australian National University (ANU), the role of population in the causes and consequences of climate change needs to be better understood.

In a seminar, part of the Environment and Water Matter! series organised by Flinders University, on 3 August 2011, Prof Hayes explored the ways in which population dynamics influence both greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change on human and managed ecosystems. Based on his recently-completed study on population and climate change in Indonesia, Prof Hayes put emphasis on the role population-related policies should play in a country’s mitigation and adaptation strategies, and the role social scientists should play in national and international climate debates.

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Trade Minister Mari Pangestu on Priorities for National Development: Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Technology has made ‘almost’ everything possible. In a corner of the capital city of Jakarta, there was an uncommon view: a professor in economics of an Australian university, Professor Christopher Findlay of University of Adelaide, interviewed the Indonesian Trade Minister, Dr Mari Pangestu, about Indonesia’s priorities for national development using the professor’s phone.

Within seconds, the interview was made available to public through a social media site which specifically designed to post and share audio files.

Listen to the full-interview:

The result of such an interview was easily predicted: an excellent interview.

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