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Special Interview: David Parsons talks about GoLive Indonesia

Delighted to welcome David Parsons, GoLive Indonesia co-founder, in Adelaide. David shares on how GoLive Indonesia was initiated and ways to contribute to Indonesia.


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by | April 27, 2017 · 10:03 pm

PPI Australia “One on One Discussion” features Aritta Gracia Girsang, GoLive Indonesia Project Coordianator.

Watch our GoLive Project Coordinator on the latest PPI Australia “One on one Discussion” on Women and Leadership.

GoLive is extremely happy to have her share her experiences with PPI Australia. And we are also very proud of her!. In addition, we would like to appreciate our GoLive enthusiasts, Vidi Valianto, and Swisin Budiman for doing a great job. Kudos!

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GoLive Sharing: Reyza Ramadhan on attending and presenting at an International Conference.

GoLive enthusiast, Reyza Ramadhan, shares his experience on attending International Conferences in Indonesia and highlights the benefits of doing so for researchers.

Approaching the end of my master degree in The Centre for Global Food and Resources, I am actively seeking opportunities to share my current research project along the way to develop a professional network and gain more inputs. Luckily, my research received confirmation to be presented on the 13th Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA) International Conference and the 2nd International Conference On Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources (FANREs).


Left to Right: Prof. Aris Ananta (University of Indonesia), Prof. Chris Manning (Australian National University), and Associate Prof. Budy P. Resosudarmo.

IRSA 2016, is a conference the brings together leading economist, demographer, and social scientist concerned with the widespread growth of demographic change and regional development in Indonesia. It is an honor for me to take part in this conference as a presenter and moderator. The conference also provides multi-dimensional perspectives that gave me an advantage in developing my current research project. Among the many distinctive discussion, I was particularly reminded of the presentation by Professor Chris Manning from Australian National University. He highlighted about spatial differences and labour supply that leads to output disparity.This presentation is highly related to the agrifood market in Indonesia which are still facing challenges with regards to  food access.


Reyza (right) moderating one of the sessions at IRSA 2016

I have 5 days off in between IRSA 2016 and FANREs 2016, and my colleague, Dr Dias Satria from Brawijaya University invited me to do a lecture in Brawijaya University. It was the first time for me to deliver lecture materials in English. I delivered a lecture about Agricultural Economics and its implementation from the Indonesian perspective. It was a pleasure to have a go on lecturing as I have always been keen to become a lecturer.

The day for the second conference has come. For FANREs 2016 I presented both for oral and poster presentation. The FANREs 2016 international conference discoursed about exploring the local potential for strengthening food and energy through sustainable agriculture and natural resources. The conference was divided into five sub-disciplines which are Agro-industrial Management, Food Science and Technology, Agricultural Science, Energy and Environment, and Agricultural Engineering. I was personally interested by Dr Roy Sparringa from National Agency for Drug and Food Control of The Republic of Indonesia. He confidently discussed about national policy on food safety and food security assurance. In fact, he said “Food safety in Indonesia has still less concern compared to other pillars in food security”. The next challenge is how to encourage the awareness of the importance of food safety in local food scheme. I also had a chat with Dr Valerien Pede from International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) about the new deal on climate change and the implications for ASEAN countries. More from the conversation, Dr Pede mentioned that ASEAN countries (both rice importers and exporters) facing a challenge to improve their capacity to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change in their respective countries. Currently IRRI designed a project to bridge the mitigation, and to establish informal and operational linkages.


at FANRE 2016, Brawijaya Uniersity, Malang – Indonesia

From those experiences I realized that there is one overriding reason to attend a conference is to get interacting with other scholars and peers. Conference provides a platform for sharing news, knowledge, and tips that can provide inspiration to make changes I greatly appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge about Indonesia especially on street food sectors to the wider community. I believe, as an early career researcher, to be involved in these kind of events is important to further develop my knowledge of food production systems for providing assistance to Indonesia to develop our food and agricultural sectors.

At the end of the day, I was inspired by many scholars and enthusiasts. I am looking forward to get myself involved in the discourse of food and agriculture and to contribute more for Indonesia.



Photos courtesy of IRSA 2016 and Reyza Ramadhan

GoLive Indonesia would like to thank Reyza Ramadhan for sharing his experience and look forward to more great endeavors. We also look forward to accepting other inspiring stories. Send your experience via email to 


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Aritta Gracia talks about GoLive Indonesia.

Know more about GoLive Indonesia activities and how you can contribute and be involved! Our GoLive Indonesia Project Coordinator,  Aritta Gracia Girsang, tells all in our new GoLive Talk video. 

You can watch her testimonial here or go to our YouTube Channel.

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Dr. Risti Permani talks about GoLive Indonesia

Dr. Risti Permani shares experiences and benefit of actively contributing to GoLive Indonesia and how GoLive Indonesia network would be advantageous for early-career researchers.

You can watch her testimonial below here or go to our GoLive Indonesia YouTube Channel.


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Dr Dias Satria talks about GoLive Indonesia

GoLive Indonesia  presents Dr Dias Satria’s testimonials on his involvement in GoLive Indonesia. 

You can watch his testimonial here or go to our GoLive Indonesia YouTube Channel.

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Dr Wahida Maghraby on GoLive Indonesia

GoLive Indonesia #SharingMarch presents Dr Wahida Maghraby testimonials on her involvement in GoLive Indonesia. 

You can watch her testimonial here or go to our GoLive Indonesia YouTube Channel.


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