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GoLive Indonesia Research Workshop: “Introduction to Nvivo” – 8 April 2017

Just after its annual event in 2017, 4th Indonesia Research Day, GoLive Indonesia held a workshop for the first time in year 2017 in the following day, Saturday, 8th April 2017. The activity took place in UB40 Yellow room in Nexus 10 building, The University of Adelaide. There were around 30 students attended the workshop, came prepared with Nvivo application installed in their laptops.

For Indra2

Opening greeting

The workshop started with a warm greeting from the new Project Coordinator of GoLive Indonesia, Indra Yohanes Kiling, followed by the tutor of the day, Ani Wilujeng Suryani, who is a Phd candidate in School of Commerce from University of South Australia. While waiting for the crowds to set up the application, she listed all the participants and asked them to up introduce their background. After everything settled, a brief explanation of Nvivo was given. In short, Nvivo is an application that aid in organizing a project with qualitative data such as research, proposals, essay, or interviews.

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Ani Wilujeng Suryani sharing her experience

The workshop continue with explanation on every panels, buttons and its functions. After grasping the basic, Ani then demonstrates how to insert file(s) from external resources and group the information into a page with hyperlinks. It demonstrated the benefits of the application in linking information from several sources together. Later, digging a bit deeper, she showed the participants that Nvivo is also able to convert interview data from Microsoft Excel into a matrix table and word cloud.

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A glimpse on the workshop

In the end of the event that ran for around 2 hours, people showed enthusiasm by asking how to use the application in a more complex functions, and requesting the recording of the workshop for future learning uses. Future practical workshop like this one might help to further equip university students in South Australia. The session was then closed with the group having a photo together.

GoLive Indonesia would like to thank Ani Wilujeng Suryani and highly appreciates all participants who attended this event. Also Swisin Budiman, GoLive Indonesia enthusiast for the recaps. We would like to wish Ani the best for her future career in Indonesia and to every participant the best for their study.

Photos courtesy of Vidi Valianto.


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GoLive Indonesia NVivo 1 Workshop – 8 April 2017

We’re sprucing things up a bit this year by adding a Workshop to follow our 4th Indonesia Research Day 2017.

Our NVivo 11 workshop aims to polish your skills when working with qualitative data in your research. NVivo software can help you analyze and organise unstructured qualitative data such as interviews, survey responses and social media and web content. The NVivo workshop will be facilitated by Ani Wilujeng Suryani, Ph.D. Candidate from School of Commerce, University of South Australia.

Detailed information is provided in the poster below. Participants will need to bring their own device/laptop and have NVivo 11 installed to take part in the workshop.

Quick, book you place via this link. First come first serve!


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