Indonesia Research Day

The ebb and flow of Australia and Indonesia relations throughout the year has provided scholars with abundant source of observation and phenomena. However, recent commentaries and series of events continue to highlight the need for Australia to put more interest and importance towards Indonesia as its closest neighbor.

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Growing number of Indonesia students in South Australia in the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Flinders University, TAFE (Technical Advance & Further Education) and also high schools pose a great opportunity for momentum building and sharing. Furthermore, among graduate students, research conducted by students covers that of a wide range and diverse scientific focus.

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2nd IRD Panel on Indonesian Politics

Therefore, GoLive Indonesia organised Indonesia Research Day (IRD) as our pinnacle annual activity that takes advantage of existing and on-going research done by students, researcher, businesses and academics on Indonesia. The one-day-event of IRD elaborate updates and topics about Indonesia from various discipline, such as education, international marine law and economics, linguistics, agriculture and health and also psychology.

Indonesia Research day is established to disseminate, capture and distribute on-going research; to develop research network among scholars and community in Australia, especially in South Australia; and to encourage young scholars, focusing on Indonesia, to embark and excel on research journeys.

Furthermore, we believe that our Indonesia Research Day is pivotal to establish GoLive Indonesia as a platform in South Australia which facilitates discussions on Australia – Indonesia related issue that aims to contribute to policy making in Indonesia.

Given its multi-disciplinary topic, the event attracts participation from students, research scholars and communities interested in recent research about Indonesia.

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2nd IRD Opening Session 2015

Previous videos and documentation of past Indonesia Research Day can be seen in our website gallery and YouTube channel.