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4th Indonesia Research Day Panelist: Kurniawan

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Kurniawan is a Master of Science (Aquaculture) student at the School of Biological Science, Flinders University. He received Bachelor Degree in fisheries from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) in 2001. Trainings and workshops in technical and managerial skills were successfully completed including recirculating aquaculture system, shrimp farming technology, fishing technics, professional researcher, patent drafting, ISO 9001:2008, public policy analysis, etc.

He worked as a Supervisor Aquaculture in the multinational shrimp farming industry – PT. Centralpertiwi Bahari, Charoen Pokphand Group for four years (2001-2005). In 2005, he joined the Ministry of Marine Affairs in Fisheries (MMAF) as a Fishery instructor for fisherman and local government employee and has become a staff at the Agency for Marine and Fisheries Research and Development-MMAF from 2009 until present.

His research interests were focused on aquaculture management collaborated with colleagues to analyze shrimp farming production and bio-security, to find raw materials substituting fish meal in feed, to review aquaculture impacts on Indonesian fish biodiversity. He recently completed research project supervised by Prof. Graham C. Mair (Flinders University) to find the best methods for quantification sand content in the surf cockle as the introduction research for de-sanding cockles in Australian cockle industry in 2016.

In the scientific society network, since 2016 he has been registered as the member of Australian Society for Fish Biology. In this year’s IRD, Kurniawan collaborated with Didik Agus Suwarsono (Master of Environmental Management student, Flinders University) and Vitas Atmadi Prakoso (MMAF Researcher) will elaborate on global maritime fulcrum (GMF) vision based on aquaculture perspective. This study will reveal the challenges and alternative solutions of Indonesia aquaculture development in supporting GMF vision.


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