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GoLive Indonesia Discussion Series Highlights: “Scholarship in Australia and Facilitating Alumni Collaboration and Contributions” – 10 March 2017

GoLive Indonesia is back with their first discussion series on March 10, 2017. The first discussion series of 2017 talks about “Scholarship in Australia and future alumni collaboration”. The discussion series was held at 715 Conference room, Ingkarni Wardli Building, North Terrace Campus,  The University of Adelaide.

Poto Indra 1

Discussion Series attendees

The discussion goes for 3 hours and separated into 3 sessions, the 3-possible way to get a scholarship in Australia, how to submit an application to an Australian university, and possible alumni collaborations and contributions. The discussion series is followed by a lunch networking session hosted by the School of Psychology, Faculty of Sciences, The University of Adelaide.


Session 1 Panelists (Left to Right): Kristin Ramlan, Ari Arifin Danuwijaya, Indra Yohanes Kiling and Yanuar Syapaat

The session begins with warm greetings from GoLive Indonesia coordinator, Gracia Girsang.  Followed with elaboration on LPDP scholarship from Yanuar Syapaat and Indra Kiling. Both speakers share some tips and tricks on how to get LPDP scholarship; where some of the important points are the return agreement requirements, age limit, and to provide and prepare thoroughly particularly when the course you desire is not on the scholarship provider’s priority. Indra Kiling deliberately gave himself a bit of pressure by delaying his LPDP application to stimulate productivity.

Then,  the explanation on AAS (Australian Awards) scholarship, were presented by Kristin Ramlan and Ari Arifin. Both speakers emphasize that future applicants need to choose the most suitable awards option for themselves  – either short or long-term awards -, check discussion forum for first-hand experiences and make sure their IELTS score is sufficient, and carefully prepare for the interview. This session is closed with Aryani Tri Wrastari’s descriptions on Endeavour Scholarship.   Aryani explains 9 crucial tips in completing your Endeavour application. She emphasizes that it’s not about your major or your age is within the limit, it is more towards you showing your achievement and experiences that particularly highlights your networks, partnerships, and collaborations.


Aryani Tri Wrastari – GoLive Enthusiast and Endeavour Awards Awardee

The second session begins straight after the other one, highlighting information on how to apply to an Australian university. This session were led by Indra Kiling and Gracia Girsang. This session encourages future students to gather information and research from available university websites and publication in relation to finding the right supervisor for their research topic. By doing so, students will be able to capture the supervisor’s interest towards their research topic and gain their support. Gracia then continues the session by providing an example of how to construct a research proposal. She highlights that in writing the research proposal, future research candidates need to be concise and flexible. A well-written proposal with around 1000-1500 words would be sufficient to get the attention of potential supervisors.


Margaretha, Australia Awards Indonesia Short course participant, sharing about future alumni contributions

After a short break, the last session wraps up the discussion series by encouraging current and future students to contribution and to give back to their country. Margaretha, one of the panelists in Session three, reiterated that by utilising the beauty of networking, we can join a community and get involved and work towards giving back to Indonesia.  One of the attendees, Enceria Damanik, underlines how educated Indonesian students and graduates studying abroad are greatly appreciated and that Indonesia is very much looking forward to their return.


Enceria Damanik – Australia Awards Indonesia Short course participant

Some of the Indonesian participants currently studying at the School of Education under the Australia Awards Indonesia Short Course program then join the School of Psychology for a lunch networking event. They were greeted by Professor Anna Chur-Hansen, Head of School of Psychology, Professor Deborah Turnbull, and Professor Nick Burns, also from the School of Psychology. Introduction to the School of Psychology and its research focus area were provided by Prof. Anna Chur-Hansen.


From left to right: Prof. Nick Burns, Prof. Deborah Turnbull and Prof. Ann Chur-Hansen from the School of Psychology, The University of Adelaide

Continued with an opportunity for some of the students to share their research interest and possibility of pursuing a research degree at the school. This session is filled with enthusiasm and dynamic discussion about the students’ research topics and how to pursue it. The lunch session concluded with a group photo and excited potential higher degree research students.


Australia Awards Indonesia Short course participants group photo

GoLive Indonesia would like to thank all the speakers and highly appreciates the support given by the School of Education and the School of Psychology, the University of Adelaide for this event. Also Swisin Budiman, GoLive Indonesia enthusiast for the highlights. We would like to wish every participant the best for their scholarships application and looking forward to their contribution to the development of Indonesia.

The discussion series presentation can be downloaded via this link GoLive Discussion Series_10March2017_PresentationCompilation 

Photos courtesy of Vidi Valianto.


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Networking Event – A collaboration by the School of Education and GoLive Indonesia

GoLive Indonesia in collaboration with the School of Education, University of Adelaide co-host an afternoon tea networking event on 10 February 2017, at SMaRTE Room 812, Nexus 10 Building, Adelaide


This networking event welcomes 24 Australia Awards Short Course Participants from various institutions in Indonesia. These participants will be in Adelaide for two-month studying Graduate Certificate on Educational Assessment: National Assessment and Computer-based testing at the University of Adelaide.


The head of School of Education, Dr. Jan Keightley, officially welcomes the students to Adelaide. The Director of DFAT South Australia, Dave Gordge, said his remarks representing Australia Awards. And, our GoLive Indonesia project coordinator, Gracia Girsang, also welcome the students and invited guests and emphasize the importance of networking and collaboration initiative between Indonesia and Australia.


Dr. Jan Keightley, Head of School, School of Education, The University of Adelaide


Left: Dr. I Gusti Darmawan (Lecturer, School of Education). Right: Dave Gordge (Director, DFAT South Australia)

GoLive Indonesia is grateful to have the opportunity to host this event. We wish all the students the best for their studies in Adelaide and look forward to your participation in our regular events.

Below are testimonials from some of the students about the networking event:

Ari Arifin Danuwijaya (Lecturer, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia – Bandung) “We had a great fun meeting great academic staff and students from in Adelaide. This is such as warm welcome for us and made our first week here in Adelaide alive. Bravo, GoLive Indonesia. We hope that we can participate in more GoLive events during our stay in Adelaide”.

Airin Triwahyuni (Lecturer, UNPAD Bandung) “Thank you for welcoming us, GoLive Indonesia. It is very nice to meet many new faces and people from different background. And it is always encouraging to meet people from the same background but with different experinence. Yes, it is a fabulous networking time”,. 

Dimar Aryo Wicaksono (Lecturer, Airlangga University – Surabaya) “Yesterday’s event was so amazing, it gives me a chance to build network and having fun together with Australian Givernment. Thank you so much GoLive Indonesia”. 



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Sharing March.

GoLive Indonesia is announcing March as our Sharing Month!

Our project coordinator, Aritta Gracia Girsang, was invited to IALF Kuningan, Jakarta at the beginning of this month (01/03) to share her experiences on being a two-time Australia Awards scholarship recipient. As one of the panelist, Gracia elaborated on how to choose the right field of study and on studying and living in Australia. Her experience in obtaining her master’s degree at Monash University and currently undergoing her PhD at the University of Adelaide, provided other Australia Awards awardees with insights on lessons learned and tips and tricks that is imperative for preparations prior to awardees departure to Australia.

ialf 1

Panelist: Aritta Gracia (middle)

ialf 3

Q&A sharing session, Auditorium IALF Jakarta

We’re also excited to announce GoLive Indonesia Adelaide’s  welcome sharing session, tomorrow, Thursday, 10 March 2016 @11.30AM, at MBA suite 705, Level 7, Nexus 10, Faculty of the Professions, University of Adelaide.

GoLive Indonesia’s very own Dr. Risti Permani, Suprehatin (PhD Candidate, Global Food Studies) and Rida Akzar (Master’s degree Candidate) will share their knowledge and experiences on Uni life, managing your lecturer’s expectation and how to cope with studying and living with family in Australia.

GoLive Welcome MARCH 2016

So, bring your enthusiasm along and share your questions and stories with us!


Photos courtesy of IALF Jakarta.  Continue reading

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GoLive Indonesia at Australia Awards BAGUS (Bringing Australian Government Understanding to Students) program, Canberra 8-10 April, 2015

GoLive Indonesia members, Aritta Gracia Girsang and Ade Wiguna Yasin, were among the 30 chosen participants of BAGUS Australia Awards on-award program held in Canberra last week (8-10 April 2015). BAGUS (Bringing Australian Government Understanding to Students) program is aimed at introducing Australian Government departments, policies and practices to Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) awardees currently studying in Australia.

The three-day BAGUS program included visits to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Parliament House, and the Australian Public Service Commission. Presentations were also given by the Auditor-General, ANAO (Australian National Audit Office), Commonwealth Ombudsman, Australian Commission for Law and Enforcement Integrity – Anti-Corruption (ACLEI), Merit Protection Commissioner of the Australian Public Service and also from the former First Assistant Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

BAGUS - prime minister and cabinet

Visiting Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Photo courtesy of Moh. Abdul Kobir

The 30 participants were Australia Awards recipients and are Indonesian public officials currently studying in Australia. These participants represent key Indonesian public service organisations such as: Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional (Bappenas – the National Development Planning Agency); Badan Kebijakan Fiskal (Fiscal Policy Agency); Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan (The Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia); Direktorat Jenderal Pajak (Directorate General of Taxes, Ministry of Finance); Direktorat Jenderal Perbendaharaan (Directorate General of Treasury, Ministry of Finance); Kementerian Perdagangan (Ministry of Trade); Kementerian Luar Negeri (Ministry of Foreign Affairs); Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan (Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries); Kementerian Sekretariat Negara (Ministry of State Secretariat); Kementerian Sosial (Ministry of Social Affairs); and Kementerian Kehutanan (Ministry of Forestry). In addition to these organisations, district and regency government officials from eastern Indonesia were also present.

BAGUS participants at the Parliament House, Canberra. Photo courtesy of Benny Purnama

BAGUS participants at the Parliament House, Canberra. Photo courtesy of Benny Purnama

BAGUS program highlights how Australian government implement transparency and accountability, how to develop anti-corruption agenda, how to nurture cooperation between commonwealth and states in regards to centralization, budgeting strategies, reform of public sector, and how to manage public services and public servants. Ade believes that the program enunciate strongly the importance of professionalism, passion, integrity and cooperation in managing good governance. Furthermore, the program also put forth the importance of research and development in advocating decision-making process.

Apart from the program, Mr. Nadjib Riphat Kesoema as the ambassador of Indonesia for Australia met with representatives of BAGUS participants at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Canberra. His Excellency underlined that Australia is a key country for Indonesia therefore strong and good relationship must be continuously nurtured. During the meeting, the participants were very enthusiastic in discussion with the ambassador. Ade raised a question about the opportunity for Indonesian fisheries sector to capture Australian domestic market, considering that about 80% of Australian fish are imported. The fact that Indonesia has fulfilled 97 % compliance standard of Australian food safety standards clearly promotes good image in terms of the quality of Indonesian fisheries products, accordingly should be seen as an encouragement to penetrate Australian domestic fisheries market.

BAGUS participants @KBRI Canberra

BAGUS participants @KBRI Canberra. Photo courtesy of Benny Purnama

Gracia and Ade believe that BAGUS program has provided them an insight and lessons that can definitely be used as a reference to the betterment of public service sector and good governance. The program also reconnect and nurture network among fellow public officers while studying in Australia. It is hoped that BAGUS program would continue providing insightful programs and opportunities for Indonesian public servant studying in Australia to take part in the future.

Ade Wiguna and H.E. Mr. Nadjib Riphat Kesoemo - Indonesian Ambassador for Australia

Ade Wiguna and H.E. Mr. Nadjib Riphat Kesoema – Indonesian Ambassador for Australia

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