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Indonesia Research Update #15: Interventions for Young Children with Disabilities in Indonesia by Indra Kiling


A recent study published by SAGE Open (click here) gave insights on what has been done in supporting young children with disabilities in Indonesia.

In this article, Indra Kiling, a PhD candidate at The University of Adelaide, and his supervisors reviewed on interventions specifically developed to help developmental process of young children with disabilities in Indonesia.

A thorough and exhaustive search resulted in only a few intervention studies, marked with several methodological limitations.

This review highlights the urgency of more rigorous and culturally relevant research to fulfill the developmental needs of young children with disabilities in Indonesia.

The earlier abstract version of this study has been published at International Journal of Psychology (click here), and also presented at the 31st International Congress of Psychology Japan and at the 6th Asian Psychological Association Convention Malang.


More information could be accessed by contacting Indra in indra.kiling@adelaide.edu.au



Indra Yohanes Kiling is a current PhD candidate at School of Psychology, The University of Adelaide.

He is also spending his last days of managing GoLive Indonesia as its coordinator.


Indonesia Research Update is an initiative by GoLive Indonesia that aims to promote and disseminate knowledge and information obtained through research completed by Indonesian students outside of Indonesia.

We sincerely thank Indra and wish the best for his future endeavours in career and life.



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